Kids in Sandbox


What is 2 Kids 1 Sandbox?

2 Kids 1 Sandbox is an internet shock site featuring an endlessly looping video clip taken from a porn movie. The site was originally created after the site Goatse took the net by storm in 2001. It shows a short clip of a lady inserting a dildo into a manís urethra. The audio on the video indicates that the woman is enjoying the experience more than the man, who appears to be in some discomfort. It is strongly recommended that viewers of the video do not attempt to recreate the scene at home. The identity of the 2 Kids 1 Sandbox director, actress and actor are at present unknown.

What is 2 Kids 1 Sandbox about?

2 Kids 1 Sandbox as a highly challenging artistic piece that provides the viewer with a number of alternatives for interpretation. The very name itself 'Kids in Sandbox' was most likely devised by the artistic creator of the piece to challenge existing assumptions about language and societal artifacts relating to play. What is it to play in a sandbox in modern society? The sandbox itself is seemingly a metaphor for human achievement - how can we achieve in a world in which western society constantly redefines adulthood in terms of consumption? Food for thought.

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